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A sense of being separated from the 'normal' children and an inferiority complex is all that a child with physical deformity lives with throughout his life. But what about the mentally-ill child, the disabled child, or even an adult for that matter, who does not recognize his own self?

There are many institutions accessible to patients belonging to well to do families. But the poor are helpless. Even treatment in government-run hospitals is beyond the reach of many. Thus, the trust has been started on a non-profit basis to cater to the needs of these poor patients, especially from rural areas.

One of the main objectives of this trust is to identify mental illness at a young age for proper treatment and training the patients either indoors or at a field level as the need may be. On the other hand, the patient's educational requirements are developed scientifically to prepare them to stand on their own. The center also has post-training facilities to place the patient in different establishments including industries.

The Chethana Trust began with a commitment and a vision. The time has come for it to gather momentum. This can only be achieved with your involvement and active support.

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Chethana Trust- ctmentalhealth@yahoo.co.in