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To determine clinical status of the individual by assessing perceptual and motor skills, emotional, intelligence, and adaptive levels. Treatment strategies are designed based on the functional capabilities of the individual.

Physiotherapy / Speech Therapy

To improve fine motor skills and to overcome gross deficits in motor co-ordination such as gait for individuals with cerebral palsy.  To improve articulation and enrich vocabulary for effective communication.

Special Education

To provide extensive training to individuals with learning disabilities such asdyslexia.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Specifically designed vocational training is provided based on the individual's abilities, aptitude and forte. Urban and rural vocational skills are developed for gainful employment currently in the areas of farming, dairy technology, printing, baking, post card making , tailoring, candlestick making, envelope making/stuffing, etc.

To provide vocational training in as many areas as possible for the individuals to gain greater opportunities for employment both in the rural and urban areas.

Chethana Integrated Expansion

The proposed campus will include comprehensive facilities for the treatment and rehabilitation of the mentally ill and disabled. As a part of this complex, an indoor and outdoor sports complex is planned for recreational purposes and to enhance physical and social development.

Residential Cottages

Located within the complex will be a set of cottages to provide accommodation for the families from distant places. This residential facility will also enable parents/guardians to actively participate in therapy, training and rehabilitation.

Vocational Rehabilitation

This program will focus on those with physical disabilities such as paraplegics, quadriplegics, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, etc. The ultimate goal is to increase the level of independence of disabled individuals in any environment. Services provided will include job site and home accommodations, aids for daily living, ergonomics, seating and positioning, and adaptive recreation for children.

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