The profits from the sale of these products is utilized to provide
vocational training specifically designed for the individuals.  The
vocational rehabilitation workshops include making candles, stationary,
greeting cards, liquid soap, folders, etc,.  Vocational training helps
create a sense of security and self confidence psychologically, and

Hand made greeting cards

30 cards to choose from

5" X 7" Format

Hand made

Can be personalized.


The back of each card has the trust logo and the text :
Little by little, I started to harness my energy, abilities - I needed a helping hand...I felt a gentle touch, my heart gladdened, at last I felt wanted, loved - I was given a CHANCE & not pity - I was on my first step towards independence.

More Cards/Pottery

Decorated pottery

More Cards/Pottery

Ordering Information

Please order well in advance,  if you need your cards to be personalized or if ordering in bulk.  Please indicate the number and quantity of cards while ordering.
For availability/rates of these products please contact the members of the Chethana Trust.

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